Who we are

Specific Insight. Spectacular Performance.

SPECULUR Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd is a smart wearables and cognitive computing company. Spearheaded by sports enthusiasts, SPECULUR aims to revolutionise sports training and performance, with data and analytics.

Our Mission

Our mission is to eliminate guesswork from training and share instant, unbiased data that would empower players, at every level, to make relevant improvements to their performance. SPECULUR will use integrated technology solutions to stream data-centric insights seamlessly on to connected and compatible devices. Our smart wearables capture data in real-time and allow players to review and improve their performance.

We aim to usher in a 360 experience in the world of sports. ‘Game Analytics’ is one of the many exciting domains we are associated with. We are also working to ensure improved ‘Fan Engagement’ through a multitude of technology offerings. Additionally, SPECULUR is developing intelligent algorithms and technology solutions to make sport safer and aid in ‘Injury Prevention’.