Revolutionizing Sports with Analytics and Insights

SPECULUR Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd offers a comprehensive range of next-gen wearable products and smart equipment. We at SPECULUR want to innovate for the game and provide real time data analysis that empowers players to make relevant improvements to their performance.

What drives SPECULUR is a passion for cricket and a desire to make the sport ‘data-centric’. The idea is to eliminate guesswork from training and share instant, unbiased data to players that would enable them to make necessary adjustments to improve their performance.

At SPECULUR, we are constantly evolving. Our aim is to revolutionise cricket and to change the way players train. Our app based data analytics tool provides players in-depth insight to perform better. We are looking for smart hands-on hardware/ firmware/ software (Mobile, Cloud) innovators in the area of IoT and smart wearables. SPECULUR offers a dynamic work atmosphere that would inspire you to think out-of-the-box.

Join us, if you like to be part of a change.

Please write to us with your resume at and we will reach out to you.